Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just had to try the template...

I first saw this adorable little card in Fall 2009's idea book and was determined, one day to a) get my hands on either Wishes or Originals Card Confidence program and b) to actually make the card.

I realize it's two years later, but I finally own Wishes, and I just had to try out one of the templates provided on the CD. The end result, albeit not entirely the same but close enough was this:

Not only did it turn out cute, I also used a envelope template and as you can see they are the perfect match!

This template is Fancy File from Wishes: Card Confidence Program

* Local craft stores

* Snow Friends set (D1244)
* Garnet Ink (Z2121)
* Spring Iris Ink (Z2124)
* Moonstruck Ink (Z2134)
* Winter Classic Marker Set (Z1553)

Monday, May 30, 2011

I can never resist a neat tutorial...

I stumbled onto this tutorial while surfing the web for more card related items. Or rather, link hopping through various blogs. I also happen to have a love for origami that dates back to my teenage years. So, by mixing origami and card making you get... something I just absolutely had to try.

The Diamond Fold Card tutorial is brought to you by Splitcoaststampers

I also had the You & Me Stamp Set and a congraulations card to make. You see, the girl I did the card for is throwing the BBQ for two reasons! Her husband, another university friend of mine passed his Ph.D!

Here's the end result from mixing all that stuff together:

and of course, a side view to show off the folding:

The technique I used on the 'follow your' text is called 2nd generation stamping. It creates a neat shadowy-like effect, and it's achieved by simply stamping again without reloading the ink on your stamp.

Local craft stores

You & Me Stamp (D1495) - May Promotion
Sorbet Ink (Z2164)
Chocolate Ink (Z2111)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost 3 Years Married

I have been working on my wedding scrapbook off and on over the last few years we have been married but I always end up doing only a little bit at a time.

(and you thought I only did cards... surprise!)

When I first saw Bliss offered in the Idea Book I thought it would be perfect for my wedding album; it complimented our couple portraits perfectly.

The Bliss Workshop kit comes with a special workshop stamp unique to this kit, the corresponding Level 2 Paper Packet, Irresistibles Villa Chipboard Die Cuts and a Workshop Guide to help you along. The neat thing about this kit is that it's got enough materials for me to make six more cards if I want to or more layouts.

Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet
Bliss Workshop Stamp
Chocolate Ink
Sorbet Ink

A new neighbour

I was talking with my neighbour last weekend when it came out that she had welcomed a little boy into the world back in January! We talk when we bump into the backyard but given that weather had to cooperate before that happened, it was May before I found out.

What better occasion than that to create a card?

Today's inspiration is SSC13 from Random Acts of Creativity

The designs for Baby Love (B1368) were so cute I had to use it on the inside, too:

Cardstock & Button Sticker:
Local craft stores

Inside stamp for card:
Oh Baby - local craft store

Wooden Designer Buttons (Z1387)
Natural Hemp (Z280)
A Game Stamp (A1113)
You & Me (D1495) - May Promotion
Enjoy Life (C1439)
Baby Love (B1368)
Moonstruck Ink,
Ponderosa Pine Ink,
Grey Flannel Ink,
Bamboo Ink,
Spring Iris Ink

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pets and Paper

If any of you own a mischevious pet this likely has happened to you.

a) Doggy thinks it's cool to take off with newly created card, swallow all the minature rhinestones on it and have the grace to look abashed when you turn your "bad puppy!" look on them.

b) The card you are about to give away has an additional 'embellishment' on the centerpiece of the front of the card - teeth indents!!

c) You swear you are in posession of two CTMH sponges. Two. And you need both of them... as you're scratching your head you realize your kitty has his/her teeth hooked in and is slowly sneaking away with one of them.

My lesson learnt, for me anyway is not to scrapbook on the floor, no matter how inviting the size of the space looked; unless if I feel like chasing kitty down for all of my scrapbooking supplies which he takes off with. Did I mention I would also prefer not to have to dig under the couch for my paper piercer, either?

Disclaimer: Stories a & b were from a secondary source, but the mischevious pup is still one of the most darling ones I know!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Find Your Style Congratulations Card

A friend of mine has just finished her Masters degree, and I was invited to a celebratory BBQ. So I thought it fitting that I bring her a card, as well I decided to play for the very first time at Mojo Monday!

Today's inspiration is MOJO192

By the time I was done picking papers and colors, I realized this was going to be a girly rather than a more boy-style card.

As you can see, I decided to use a different stamping technique by first inking the entire stamp in Cranberry, then rolling the edges in Smokey Plum for a two-tone effect. Should you decide to try this, remember to pick the lighter ink first, then work with successively darker and darker inks.

* Local craft stores

* Dollar store finds

* Find Your Style (Jan 2011 Stamp of the Month)
* Bohemian Alphabet
* Smokey Plum Ink
* Cranberry Ink
* Moonstruck Ink

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inspired by gel-a-tins.

I absolutely adore CTMH, but I'm always up for new card ideas. This one was done for a female coworker I work with (and heaven knows, female developers are few and far between). She's a techie, but at the same time she's still a girly girl and can salsa until the cows come home.

I stumbled into gel-a-tins which was mentioned on a tutorial I was watching and decided to see if they had any card creations. Lo and behold, my eyes lit on one and I was interested in putting a CTMH spin on it. I love the end result!

This is the one I first saw...

and this is my version!

I decided to use purple and blues for a more feminine feel and of course with Find Your Style it was definetly girly by the time I was done with it! :)

* local craft stores

Other Items:
* Sparkly clear embossing powder
* Embossing ink

* Find Your Style: January 2011 Stamp of the Month
* Classmate Alphabet
* A Little Everything
* Garnet Ink
* Smokey Plum Ink

- Happy Stamping!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Card for a Gift Card

I stumbled onto this lovely little tutorial one day done by Carla Ironside and I just had to try it. It's perfect for a coworker of mine who is about to get married, and I was considering getting her a gift card to either a nice dinner out, or to the store that houses her registry.

It's quite clever how the the little square thing in the middle hides the staples so nicely, and how the bellyband hides the brad legs in the back. And the bonus is, this card took me 20minutes tops to assemble.

* papers collected over time from local craft and dollar stores

* Now and Forever (retired) stamp set
* Hope for Japan (limited edition, expired) stamp set
* Garnet Ink

- Happy Stamping!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seasoning Stamps

While perusing the web, I realized that this particular topic, albeit important, isn't easily found with a Google search.

When new stamps first arrive, I usually get the inclination that I want to play with them - RIGHT AWAY. Except, I always find that my initial stamp images look terrible :( but that is because I didn't season them properly. Once seasoned, and with the right ink loading technique - tap tap, twist twist, tap tap - my problem was solved.

1. Attach the stamp to the appropriate MyAcrylix block
2. Rub stamp on Bamboo or any other light colored ink pad and stamp on scrap paper several times, with the images getting lighter and lighter until you are out of ink.
3. Repeat this process until you get a full crisp image when you stamp. You're done!

This only is required for brand-new stamps. This is due to the fact that at the factory they have a protective coating on them that is not ink friendly. As you season the stamp, you'll wear this protective coating off = better stamp results.

Happy stamping!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's National Scrapbooking Month!!

I'm excited to tell you about two awesome things for the month of May! Well, three, if you count the fact that snow has seemed to *finally* leave Calgary and give us a glimpse of spring.

The first one is the stamp of the month - D1456 Chairs To You.

(Image courtesy of carlacreates.blogspot.com)

It's a really cute set that I could see using for dressing up scrapbook layouts, housewarming cards, and even birthday or thank you cards! If you click on Carla's link, you'll see her idea for the SOTM; she always has such fantastic ideas.

The second exciting thing to tell you about is that it is, indeed National Scrapbooking Month!

What better than a month to celebrate all the paper, scissors, time, and effort we go to putting our memories in a meaningful album and extending those skills to making awesome, one-of-a-kind cards. To celebrate this, CTMH is offering not only 50% off the sign up fee, but they are throwing in a crazy amount of goodies plus the You and Me kit for free! That was my tipping part to joining!

(Image courtesy of carlacreates.blogspot.com)

Happy National Scrapbooking Month to you!