Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Workshop Cards!!!

I finally sat down and got them all done. As per feedback from the last workshop, I opted to stay a bit more simpler this time without a ton of techniques, since I've already taught you most of the more standard ones.

These cards can all be used as birthday or whatever other occasion you wish to make them for. The paper packs featured this time is Seaside (female) and Wanderful (male). They cost $3.00 each and include an envelope to take home with you.

Workshops will be hosted for August 9th and August 31st at a different location to be provided when you sign up for the workshop. It will run the usual hours from 1:00 - 5:00PM. Thank you to both hosts that graciously offered up their home to host this.

Girl 1:

Girl #2:

Girl #3:

Boy #1:

Boy #2:

Boy #3:

If you have any questions, let me know! Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you there. If you can't make it, I can also make and ship pre-cut kits. 

Enjoy summer!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Wedding Card and back from Portugal

I finally have a card to post - and I am in the middle of working on workshop cards. Lisbon and Albuferia was gorgeous, hot, and I had a great time with family. Below is an image from Lisbon; there are plenty of little shops and cafes along all the walking streets to stop for a cold glass of sangria or beer. 

Little cafe in Lisbon, Portugal

I am also changing up my method of posting to try and keep up with posting even with my busy lifestyle. I will be of course sharing the photos but I will only list the stamp sets that I have used unless if I cannot recall the name. If you would like more information I can always answer that in the comments below. 

Without further ado, the pictures of the card for my friend's wedding back in April. 

I always enjoy using retired paper packs when applicable. I love using the clean colors of red and white with some accents of grey. 

This is to showcase the layers on the card; I don't know what I'd do without foam tape. I'm addicted to it but I always like to have something pop up on a card. One day I will have to try a CAS format and see how well I stick to the guidelines. 

I brought the birds of the set inside the card. The reason why I chose this sentiment is because the bride has always danced to the beat of her own drum, and have had many wonderful experiences since of which some I have been a part of. That is from a different set - "Your Own Kind of Wonderful" which is available in Annual Inspirations until August 31st. 

The set with the birds was part of Seasonal Expressions 1 and has since been retired. But, there are more awesome sets in Seasonal Expressions 2, available until August 31. 

Happy Stampeding from Cowtown!