Monday, June 20, 2011

Scalloped Borders

I really loved the scallop border on the second sketch from Sketches In Thyme, so much that I thought it would be an excellent partner to the one showcased in "I love circles".

This time I didn't need to use dinner plates :) but I certainly got to try out some of the newest brads that resemble buttons from CTMH. I love them!

Today's inspiration is Sketches in Thyme Thursday Takes #50

I'm still a bit new at taking photos of layouts ... any advice would be appreciated!

* Local craft stores

* You and Me (June promotion)
* Soul Mates (D1254)
* Mini Medley Accent Collections, Black (Z1393)
* Chocolate Ink
* Sorbet Ink
* Garnet Ink


  1. Wow Sandi - your layout is gorgeous!
    Taking pics of layouts is definitely a challenge. I've tried many different things and still haven't perfected it. The biggest thing is natural light. I found a spot in my house in front of a big window that works. I lay the layout down on a piece of posterboard and take the photo from above. Some people take all their photos outside. Keep experimenting to find where you can get the best shots.

  2. Thanks for the advice! This particular shot wasn't the best but it was the best of six different shots (and some of them were horrendous).

    I will keep the natural light tip in mind :)

  3. Hi Sandi great take on the sketch, I love that you did the mirror reflection. The colors are lovely an the picture is beautiful.
    Thanks for playing with us on Sketches in Thyme. Hugs!