Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You know you're a bit too OCD when...

... you wind up redoing the front of the card not once, twice, but three times! I was trying to do a pretty hexagonal pattern and failed badly on the first try as my hexagons were too big; the second try I wanted to add outlines but my ruler skills were not up to par. But, third time was the charm!

Inspiration : by Joy Taylor @ SimpleByDesign

Instead of following a mostly white on white tone, I opted to pick three flirty fun colors to stamp the different hexagons in. I also utilized a swipe technique - first you ink the stamp, and then you swipe to get a pattern, which you can see on all the hexagons stamped in Gypsy.

And then, I got inspired by a link that teaches you how to make your own epoxy embellishments - and covered the butterfly cutout all over with Liquid Glass. I fiddled with the front of the card for so long that my Liquid Glass dried by the time I was done.

I brought the hexagons back inside the card and picked a cute little sentiment for it. I'm sure Mom's going to love this - and for the second time this year, the card is *actually* on time.

* Cream cardstock

* Honeycomb Stamp Set
* Joyful Birthday Stamp Set
* You Are My Happy Sentiment - retired CC
* Cocoa Ink
* Twilight Ink
* Ruby Ink
* Gypsy Ink
* Liquid Glass
* Opaque Pearl Adhesives - retired
* Red / Pink Adhesive Sparkles - retired
* Artiste Cricut Cartridge

Looks like the snow has retreated this week but the damage that it has caused is unreal!

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