Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wizard of Oz, anyone?

I have actually been sick as well as in all day training this week, so I have come home and straight to bed. Thus, no new cards to post about today, but I need to get started on Mom's calendar.

However, I did promise to slowly put up the cube decorations, so today's post is another one of them! The ribbon was actually sourced off a bag of Christmas goodies from last year. So let this be a tip to you - if you're feeling frugal, all those ribbons and bows off gifts can go to good use!

Strangely enough this reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, but I have no idea why. My favorite part about this one, other than the stockings sticking out is that I created a lattice with the border stamp that turned out really well! And finally, thanks to Carla for sourcing this amazing tip for stamping (from fancyMelissa) - so amazing that I just had to repost it here too.

* Cardstock from "Gems" set
* Cardstock from "Primary" set
* Gold Brads

* Wicked (August 2011 Stamp of the Month)

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