Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just had to try the template...

I first saw this adorable little card in Fall 2009's idea book and was determined, one day to a) get my hands on either Wishes or Originals Card Confidence program and b) to actually make the card.

I realize it's two years later, but I finally own Wishes, and I just had to try out one of the templates provided on the CD. The end result, albeit not entirely the same but close enough was this:

Not only did it turn out cute, I also used a envelope template and as you can see they are the perfect match!

This template is Fancy File from Wishes: Card Confidence Program

* Local craft stores

* Snow Friends set (D1244)
* Garnet Ink (Z2121)
* Spring Iris Ink (Z2124)
* Moonstruck Ink (Z2134)
* Winter Classic Marker Set (Z1553)

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