Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pets and Paper

If any of you own a mischevious pet this likely has happened to you.

a) Doggy thinks it's cool to take off with newly created card, swallow all the minature rhinestones on it and have the grace to look abashed when you turn your "bad puppy!" look on them.

b) The card you are about to give away has an additional 'embellishment' on the centerpiece of the front of the card - teeth indents!!

c) You swear you are in posession of two CTMH sponges. Two. And you need both of them... as you're scratching your head you realize your kitty has his/her teeth hooked in and is slowly sneaking away with one of them.

My lesson learnt, for me anyway is not to scrapbook on the floor, no matter how inviting the size of the space looked; unless if I feel like chasing kitty down for all of my scrapbooking supplies which he takes off with. Did I mention I would also prefer not to have to dig under the couch for my paper piercer, either?

Disclaimer: Stories a & b were from a secondary source, but the mischevious pup is still one of the most darling ones I know!!

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