Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost 3 Years Married

I have been working on my wedding scrapbook off and on over the last few years we have been married but I always end up doing only a little bit at a time.

(and you thought I only did cards... surprise!)

When I first saw Bliss offered in the Idea Book I thought it would be perfect for my wedding album; it complimented our couple portraits perfectly.

The Bliss Workshop kit comes with a special workshop stamp unique to this kit, the corresponding Level 2 Paper Packet, Irresistibles Villa Chipboard Die Cuts and a Workshop Guide to help you along. The neat thing about this kit is that it's got enough materials for me to make six more cards if I want to or more layouts.

Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet
Bliss Workshop Stamp
Chocolate Ink
Sorbet Ink

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