Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Birthday Present...

... and two weeks with a glue gun resulted in a present that rocked my BFF's world.

(The link to the card workshop is right here:

I originally found the cupcake tutorial at Fabulously Artsy. She's an amazing crafter and will take her glue gun to just about anything to come out with amazing results. And I'm telling you this thing was not easy to make; I think it took me four tries to get the base right alone and I won't talk about how many tries it took for the rest of this thing to look decent.

I couldn't totally hide the little metal "handles" that clip on to the Lululemon gift card that was hidden inside the cupcake, but if I did I don't think she would have realized there was more to this than just a cupcake. You see, she loves cupcakes, and she's an amazing cook/baker. So I saw this and just had to make it.

The only alterations I would make to the instructions was to cut the strip for the paper "frosting" 1/2" x 1", get it wet, and then first accordion fold, then pinch and manipulate. 1" was too large and looked silly, and 1/4" was too short. But the tip regarding the "glue" strings was fantastic, and I added the blue bowtie for emphasis.

Just in case anyone wanted to see how the whole thing looks, here's a second photo. I'm trying to get the mojo up to make a second one but I think I'll need a long break from my glue gun first.

Michaels, etc:
* Patterned cardstock for cup - Costco
* Foam ball, Reflections blue flowers, blue ribbon and red wooden bead - Michaels

* Cranberry Ink
* Spray Pens
* Pearl Paint
* Silver glitter

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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