Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Every card has a story...

I find that each card is tailored in some way to the recipients, but usually I take inspiration from who I'm giving it to. And sometimes a background paper or a color or some part of a stamp set jumps out at me. In this case, because it's a housewarming card for both my friends, I decided to stick with a neutral color. I've never been out to their house in Airdrie, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when they have time!

This naturally calls for a card, and the past Mojo Monday: MOJO230. (I actually had it complete but never got around to posting until today) was perfect for this.

Instead of flowers I opted to do three chairs and for some reason, the chair stamped in brown always cries out to me for paper piecing. I don't think I've ever stamped that chair without piecing the cushions, now that I think of it. And I wanted some sparkle in the border, so out came the rhinestones.

I love saving scraps, since sometimes they come in really handy for that last little embellishment you want to do on a card without cutting a huge 12 x 12 piece of paper.

Michaels etc:
* Solid cardstock
* Ribbon
* Fiskars edging scissors

* Around the Block
* Chairs to You - May 2011 SOTM
* Clear Sparkles
* Lucky Level 2 Paper Pack - retired
* Outdoor Denim Ink
* Spring Iris Ink

I'm looking forward to spring! Are you?

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