Friday, July 8, 2011

No shortage of babies

The previous owner of my cats, and mother to my godson has told me over lunch she was expecting #2. I'm thrilled for her! I know that it's pretty early on still, but I thought I'd do up a card for her now and add it to my stash of ever-growing cards, so when the time comes, I just need to grab it and go.

Today's inspiration is MOJO198 from Mojo Monday.

The inspiration is stitching on the card, but I am still learning the ways of my sewing machine with fabric nevermind paper. I also tried hand stitching but you do not want to know how disasterous that got.

Patterned Cardstock:
* Local craft stores

* CM Mini Heart Punch (retired)

* Mayberry Paper (Mayberry Workshop To Go)
* Smoothie cardstock (Mayberry Workshop To Go)
* Smoothie Ink
* Olive Ink
* Baby Love Stamp Set
* Soul Mates Stamp Set


  1. Such a fun card! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

  2. Such a cute stamp image! Great cards, I'm a new follower. :)