Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Packages!!

I saw the movie on how to make little packages from CTMH which was featured in a previous catalog and they were dead easy to make. A tradition I've had in years past is to buy Advent Calendars, but the chocolate isn't that great and I didn't get around to actually buying them.

So this year, I decided to make my own and use After Eight wafers - the hubby's favorite type of chocolate. He eats them like a fat cat given free reign to treats!

To put these little guys together:

1. Cut out a 4 x 6 rectangle of patterned cardstock
2. Glue the short ends together to create a "toilet paper roll" - use a glue gun!
3. Put your top embellishments together (in my case it was a 3/4 x 3 flag and then I cut the banners from the top of CTMH patterned paper to a length of 3", then I stamped images from Magical Days, cut them out and added that with foam tape).  Adhere to paper roll
4. Pinch one of the ends together and staple shut. I wasn't sure if my little flag would stay on so I stapled that on as well (middle staple)
5. Fill, then pinch the bottom opposite to Step #3 (to create a "triangle") and staple shut.

That's it! I used a variety of current and retired paper packs.

* Magical Days Set
* Pear & Partridge Level 2 Paper Pack - retired
* Snowhaven Level 2 Paper Pack
* Yuletide Carol Level 2 Paper Pack
* Ponderosa Pine Ink
* Ruby Ink

Can't let you go without letting you know about the latest promotion: Deal of the Decade!

A qualifying order of $50 in product nets you the best deal yet - any C or D size stamp from the Annual Inspirations catalog for 10$! A C size stamp set retails at $15.25 CAD and a D size stamp retails at $19.75, so you could be saving anywhere from $5.25-$9.75. What a steal! And even better yet, $50 also qualifies you for the cute SOTM below : Cutie Pie.

So glad the deep freeze has lifted!

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