Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer workshop!!

Wow, what a crazy life so far between work, gardening, and trying to get all my ducks in a row for a summer workshop that was requested by my ladies :) The running theme for these cards were all layouts from Sketchbook Saturday Challenges! What can I say, I'm a huge fan of Chupa's work and her layouts were fantastic.

This time, I also wanted to showcase some of the beautiful paper packs that CTMH has in their catalog. The three paper packs featured are Ivy Lane (girl birthday cards), Timberline (boy birthday cards), and Skylark (baby congratulation cards)

Card #1 - Girl Birthday
Inspiration: Sketchbook Saturday Challenge #80

 Inks used: Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Gypsy
Stamp: Inspiration Flourishes, Dreamer

Card #2 - Girl Birthday

Inks used: Gypsy, Cocoa
Stamp Set: Quick Cards - Island Greeting, Banner Wishes

Card #3 - Boy Birthday

Inks Used: Twilight, Cocoa, Ponderosa Pine
Stamp Set: Robot Family
Card #4 : Boy Birthday
Inks Used: Outdoor Denim
Stamp Set:  Country-Born
Card #5: Baby Congratulations #1

Inks Used: Goldrush, Autumn Teracotta, Ponderosa Pine,Cocoa
Stamp Set: Give a Lift, Banner Wishes

Card #6: Baby Congratulations

Inks Used: Ruby, Cocoa, Whimsy Pigment Ink Set, Basic Pigment Ink Set
Stamp Set: Buggy Love, Give a Lift

My go-to accessory is foam tape above everything else. What`s your go-to accessory for card making or scrapbooking? 

The workshop dates are 
  • Sunday, June 29th 
  • Saturday, July 26th. 
Cards are priced at $2.00 each and come with envelopes. As well, I can also create card kits with pre-stamped pieces for the same price per card. Finally, cards assembled from previous workshops are also available for sale at the Summer 2014 workshop for $3.00 each.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!




  1. This post made me so happy, Sandi! I'm so glad that my work brings you inspiration!! :) Fabulous artwork!

  2. Thank you so much Chupa, I am glad! Your cards and sketches are so beautiful that I can't help but case them! One day I would love to meet you ... but Aus is a long way from Canada.