Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Mother's Day Card

... you know you need a scrapbooking room when you make a card, but in the midst of waiting for said Mom to come for a visit (in a few weeks' time) and the card being done, you actually lose the card. But, I remade the card and now I can post it for you!

On the bright side, the basement development is done and that means I can commandeer a room and a walk in closet for scrapbooking!

I can't figure out which Case Study was my muse for this card, but she had this cool white on cream (Kraft-style) look that I just absolutely had to case. (and yes maybe I'm just a wee bit obsessed with that blog).

The swirls and rose are all embossed in White. I actually found the white powder hard to emboss with. My first time embossing was with silver which changes color as it melts, but white isn't quite as easy to see unless if you're right in the sun with the right angle.

My first attempt at sticking things on top of embossed images didn't work (it kept coming off!) so this time around I got smart. I instead decided to stamp the swirls again from the front in White Daisy ink and this time it really stuck.

* Solid cardstock

* Dream Big
* Happy Valentine's - Jan 2013 SOTM
* White Embossing Powder
* White Daisy Ink
* Red, Pink and Purple Sparkles
* Just Blooms Flutter Paper Shapes

I hope this rain onslaught ends. You can literally see in my garden when I had to stop digging due to the rain in the last week or so and where the crazy weeds start.

Stay dry,

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