Sunday, March 31, 2013

The picture itself is pretty self-explanatory...

... often I have a clear picture in my head of what I want to do and why. However, past the chocolate and Easter I had no idea other than the 3-D object I was creating and the rapidly decreasing amount of hours I had to put it together and still be awake for a major presentation to my stakeholders the following morning.

Thankfully, I have had plenty of practice at delivering presentations while teetering on 3 hours of sleep back in my University days. I really don't recommend it!

I was so pressed for time that when I walked into my office I had the boxes completed and nothing stuffed. Each contains a Hershey's Oh Henry Egg. But thankfully with a bit of quick stuffing, I was good to go. These little guys were all images (minus the rabbit and the ribbon) from CTMH's two awesome Cricut cartridges, Art Philosophy and Artiste.

It's amazing how you can take patterned paper and mix and match to your heart's delight. In the same tradition as the last card I made the tops and bottoms are from Pear And Partridge, Fall/Winter 2012's Xmas pattern. What a nice compliment to Florentine's blue side... and when I flipped them over, they made for gorgeous eggs to back Sensational Season's rabbits.

* Cream colored cardstock
* Blue ribbon

* Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge
* Artiste Cricut Cartridge
* Florentine Paper Pack Level 2 (retired)
* Pear and Partridge Pack Level 2
* Chocolate Ink

Happy Easter, everyone - hope you all got a bit of chocolate today!

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