Thursday, September 27, 2012

Macs and I...

Due to the fact that the big desktop has now actually made it into the shop, I was trying to figure out how best to edit photos on a Mac. And then how to export it. I know it's sheepish, but I finally figured it out. Can you tell I'm a Windows PC person?

Anyway, I took the bold step of printing out baby photos that I had been sent and converted it directly into a card. I don't do photo cards often, but I thought it was the most fitting for the event.

Isn't baby adorable?? Baby's eyes are closed, but hopefully baby's parents' don't mind me giving them 15 minutes of fame on my blog.  This was actually inspired by a card shown in the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog and I was dying to at least try it out.

The parents opened the card and I got the compliment of "this is going to be framed!" even the grandparents loved it. I'm just glad it was such a big hit :)

* Avonlea Level 2 Paper Pack
* New Arrival
* Itty Bitty Sparkles
* Blue and Green Sparkles
* Topiary Ink
* Outdoor Denim Ink

The leaves are slowly changing color... and the designs for the Xmas workshop is almost done!

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