Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Come drink my rum... and Cherish the Day Nov SOTM

The housewarming invitation read something along the lines of 'come help me drink my rum...' We helped a friend move back in January when the wind was whipping around us with cold flurries. And although it's almost close to winter again, her new little home is ready for a party, and she apparently has some rum to share.

I thought she deserved a card and a little present. After all, what is a housewarming without a bit of celebration? This card actually (for once) did not follow any templates at all!

I used Lucky Level 2 embellishments and canvas buttons to help me embellish this lovely card! Strangely enough this became a SOTM card. If you look closely, can you identify the three months featured on this card? If you guessed March, September, and more importantly November you are correct! The stamp of the month for November is called Cherish the Day.

With every purchase over $55 CAD this can be yours for $5.50; which would also qualify you for the Holiday Wishes campaign.

* Cardstock from "Spice Market" set
* Cardstock from "Primary" set

* Grace Level 2 Paper Pack (retired)
* Chairs To You (March SOTM)
* Limited Edition (September SOTM)
* Cherish The Day (November SOTM)
* Cherished Flourishes
* Chocolate Ink
* Cranberry Ink
* Tulip Ink
* Juniper Ink
* Canvas Badge Buttons

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