Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extra, Extra! August Campaign alongside Wicked!!

There is now a new way to earn the stamp of the month even easier! All you have to do is find a way to spend $55 and this awesome set is yours for an extra $5.50, or if this is all you want; the stamp set is only $19.95 CAD.

I don't normally do any halloween cards, but I just may have to dream up a halloween something to use this amazing stamp set! Stay tuned for the end result.

On the tail end of this gorgeous stamp set, they decided to give us a hint of Christmas early. When you qualify and buy Wicked, August's 2011 Stamp Set of the Month CTMH is playing Santa and will throw in the Typeface Letter set (size A) for free.

It is the perfect complement to the Typeset Kit or any other layout/card where you're aiming for the concept of 'less is better'. I dearly love a simplified card. And the best part is about letter stamps, you can use them on anything from your standard cards to even stamping on t-shirts if you're so inclined.

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