Sunday, March 2, 2014

Working on the backlog...

this time I was working on Dad's birthday card only half a month late. I hate it when work gets in the way. I originally saw this while digging through PInterest, and it was only a matter of time before I decided it was worth doing.

I`m pretty tired these days so classy and simple is my favorite style lately. Today`s inspiration : by Maureen Merritt.

I just realized I forgot to add fancy borders on these photos... oh well, guess that is for next time. I went through my scrap heap and pulled out the funky little pigment cube sets to use on these stamps. I also brought back Enjoy Life`s clock and added a few embellishments.

And of course, I couldn`t resist using the bicycle once again teamed with some fancy yellow swirls and the same colors into the inside.

* Solid cardstock
* Orange patterned cardstock

* Enjoy Life (retired)
* Just A Number (retired)
* Saddle Pigment cube from Basic set
* Buttercup Pigment cube from Whimsy set
* Twilight Pigment cube from Whimsy set
* Avalon Level 2 Paper Pack (retired)
* Dreamin`Level 2 Paper Pack (retired)
* Mocha Adhesive Pearls (retired)
* Blue and Green Adhesive Rhinestones (retired)

What a crazy set of ridiculously cold days, hope you are staying warm!

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