Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cheer at the office

In the two different jobs I have been at - past and present - it has led me to be really grateful to work with a team which not only genuinely cares about you like you were family, but respects your choices without judgement and believes in you to get things done.

As a female software developer, I often end up being the lone lady among a pack of males. Which makes it very important to have the right team, or you end up very miserable. Not only have the boys been very good to me, they have also guided and mentored me over the last many months, and I wanted to say thank you and bring Christmas into the office for our little team.

Thank you to a very amazing hubby who gifted me (early) with a Cricut for Christmas! Using the Art Philosophy cartridge in the E2 alongside the Wonderland paper pack, I came up with pillboxes which I stuffed with four chocolate pieces. Note to self - using tape runners does not mean they will stick together; arm yourself with a very trusty glue gun.

My favorite part about these boxes is that the brown dotted paper is literally the other side of the blue diamond pattern - don't they go so well together?

The tags were also cut with the Art Philosophy cartridge - first I cut the recommended size on the stamp sheet, and then I cut a slightly larger tag (and for the smaller one, I lopped off the handle). Any stamp set that has a corresponding shape to the Art Philosophy cartridge also has a recommended size printed right on the sheet! Sooo handy!

And finally, I decided to add blue ribbon to finish off the look. Each packet actually had names written on them but those were edited out. The interesting thing is that you could just change up the colors of the papers and the stamp tags to something else and you could end up with party favors!

These were paired with handmade cards and were a hit.

* Cardstock: "Primary"
* Blue ribbon

* Wonderland Level 2 Paper Packet
* December 25
* Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge
* Spring Iris Ink

Have you bought your turkey for Christmas yet?

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